Best Man Duties: What you really need to know being the grooms right hand man

 There is a lot more the being best man than standing next to the groom on his big day. And writing that killer speech that people talk about for years to come (no pressure at all). The best man is the grooms right hand man, his go to, his main support.  As the best man your duties start early, in some cases, months before the big day.



One of your main responsibilities in the lead up to the wedding is attending suit fittings with the groom along as well as helping to coordinate the groomsmen to be there for group fittings. You may also be required to help pick up the suits or hire formal wear in the weeks leading up to the day.

In some situations if family and friends are coming from interstate or overseas for the wedding. It may be requested that the best man be the usher at the airport picking up guests and that taking them to their accommodation.

Overall one of the biggest pre wedding jobs the best man enjoys the most is the planning of the bucks night, this includes bookings, transport, invitations and possibly even accommodation. The grooms party are usually available to assist with this process but the best man spearheads the campaign as the team leader.  




Step One on the wedding day, Make sure the groom party is up, ready and leave on time. The most important duty as you can’t have a wedding without the groom after all.

In between you may act as a bit of a runner getting members of the grooms party and the grooms father, for the photographer and videographer taking those all important getting ready photos.  

It is imperative to also ensure that as the best man you have your phone on you at all times in the lead up to the ceremony. The groom is going to be a busy bundle of nerves so if there are any changes and someone needs to get hold of him you can guarantee they are going to call you.


Another important best man duty on the day if to protect the wedding rings with your life. At least until time comes for the ring exchange. This could include just holding onto them or passing them to a ring bearer to walk down the aisle.

If a child is going to have the rings to walk down the aisle or present to the couple, you must have eagle eyes and be ready as you may need to grab or catch the rings at any moment. In some cases you may also need to catch the ring bearer so be alert.  

Other duties at a ceremony may include helping usher, pre ceremony introductions between waiting guests and even completing a reading or being a witness and signing off on legal documents as part of the ceremony. Don’t forget above all else the groom is your priority keep those nerves of his under wraps.  


If the best man is at the cocktail part also known as the pre reception when the couple usually sneak off to have some photos taken, he or she should be mingling and directing people to seating charts and the signing table.

If you are aware of guests names it is great to make introductions so guests aren’t awkwardly standing alone.

Once the reception is in full swing, it may be requested that the best man make that dreaded best man speech and usually it is expected that the best man and maid of honour participating in dancing at some stage, usually towards the end of the couples first dance.

At the end of the night the best man may also be responsible for making sure the grooms suitcase is in the get away car if the couple are going overnight or heading straight to their honeymoon destination.



Depending on the couples plans the best man may have some post wedding responsibilities as well  these may include:

        Dropping all gifts off for the couple

        Collecting returning hired including suit hires, cakes stands etc

        Next day airport drop off for guests or even the couple leaving for their honeymoon may be requested.

Still want to be the Best Man!? It is an incredible honour and a great experience. If you are ever privileged enough to be asked to be Best Man that means that your friend asking considers you to his best, closest most truest ally, be proud!   

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