Do You Know What A Celebrant Actually Does?

A very common question that I get asked is what I actually do. A lot of couples believe that I just show up and speak and sign some documents. There is so much more behind the scenes work that goes into turning your ceremony dreams into a reality.

Firstly, after receiving a booking form for a client I create there welcome pack which includes a custom timeline that outline roughly when you should be hearing from me to complete the necessary paperwork to have your marriage legally recognised. A personalised timeline may seem a little OCD to some but think about it, you are dealing with so many suppliers and have so many meetings that having a timeline to look at and know that someone has one aspect of your day under control sounds like a load off your shoulders.

I send you an inspirational USB to work through that includes a questionnaire so I can get a feel for the type of ceremony that you would like and get some insightful information to make the ceremony completely about you! When this is returned to me, as per the dates on your personalised timeline. I sit down and write your ceremony completely from scratch. Once this is completed I email it to you so that you can read through it and digest every aspect.

While I am working away on your special day I send you your Notice of Intended Marriage to complete with instructions on how to complete it and what Identification documents I need to be able to satisfy the legal requirements of proof of date and place of birth as well as identity. We then meet to sign this off, so we get to spend some time face to face to discuss everything to do with your ceremony, any changes or inclusions that you would like to make. The best part we don’t have to make them on the spot, you have till two weeks out from the ceremony to make as many chops and changes as you need to make the ceremony the best version of what you would like it to be.

Before you wedding we will meet again, usually this is between two to three weeks out from the wedding, at this meeting we either conduct a rehearsal or sit down and talk through the way the day is going to work, we lock in the ceremony and go through any last minute worries that you might have. We also sign off on another legal document titled the Declaration of no Legal Impediment to Marriage as well a proof your certificates for your wedding day to ensure accuracy.

Between the Notice of Intended Marriage signing and the last meeting prior to your wedding in the background I am communicating back and forward with you both to ensure that your vows are perfectly constructed as well as making changes to the ceremony as requested. I am completing your Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marriage and your Marriage Certificates. If you have no one such as a band or DJ playing your music for you, SURPRISE I can do that for you through my tablet that blue tooths to my PA system. If that is something you would like me to do I send you how many songs are required for the ceremony and when I receive this back I put together your playlist ready to go.

After our last meeting together as my gift to you, a keepsake I print up your vows and ceremony on decorative paper and pace that in your certificate envelope to give you on the day. I also print a copy of your vows to give to you to read when the time comes, another thing you don’t have to worry about on the day. I also communicate with your venues and/or other suppliers if required to ensure that we are all on the same page for your ceremony.

On the day of your ceremony I arrive at the venue up to an hour early, set up and test my equipment and if I am playing your music start playing mood music int eh background to set the mood as guests begin to arrive. I communicate with your coordinator, videographer and/or photographer to ensure that sound if right, that the photographer knows about any rituals, reading or surprises so they can capture those surprises as well as where I am going to jump to make sure I am out of the way for that all important first kiss. I then catch up with yourselves and your bridal parties to ensure your all relaxed and ready to go. Once we are ready I perform the ceremony and complete the legal paperwork signing.


After the ceremony I discreetly congratulate you and then disappear for you to enjoy the rest of your magical day. While you are dancing the night away, I head to my home office collate all your paperwork and pop it through the online system for registration as well as close your file with me. Once your marriage shows up as registered I contact you with all the information on how to apply for your official marriage certificate as well as a change of name list which I have popped to get to assist with the process.

Throughout your wedding ceremony planning journey, I am with you every step of the way and available 24/7 for questions, worries and quires. This is one of the best jobs I could ever ask for because I get to work with people through some of the happiest times of their lives, and I cannot wait to help you with yours.

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