Service Terms and Conditions

(excluding Funeral/Life Celebrations)


A non-refundable booking fee is to be paid within 14 days of receipt of Booking Confirmation, to secure date and services. Failure to pay deposit within the designated timeframe may result in loss of date and services.

An invoice will be issued with the terms of the payment. Outlining payment due dates and methods of payment.


The balance of payment is due one month prior to the ceremony date.

You will receive an email reminder that the balance of payment is due. If there are issues regarding the due date, please contact me to discuss.


All expenses will be discussed up front and will be included in the invoice.

Examples of expenses can include but not limited to:

  1. Extensive travel distance to the venue
  2. Overnight stay for ceremonies conducted late in the evening where it is not reasonable to travel home.
  3. Costumes and/or dress expectations to meet requirements of a specifically themed wedding

After wedding expenses:

In extenuating circumstances after ceremony expenses may be sought in the event of:

  1. Last minute changes to the time or venue outside original and extreme weather plan times and venues, without 24hrs notice to the Happily Ever After Celebrant Services (unless unforseen circumstances present that are out of the couples control)
  2. Unforeseen expenses arise such as a decision after booking to have a theme wedding and a costume is required
  3. Damage to Happily Ever After’s equipment, by parties related to the ceremony. This includes but is not limited to the wedding party, guests and third parties such as wedding planners. (this excludes included travel, loading or unloading. This remains the responsibility of Happily Ever After Celebrations Services)


Payment plans are available to couples whom are budgeting their wedding expenses. This will include the creation and signing off agreement to incremental payments over a set time period discussed with the couple, as well as the sending out of payment/due date reminders.

Payment Plans will need to be paid in full one month prior to the ceremony date.


All information collected for the purposes of your ceremony and for the fulfilment of legal documents will be securely stored, and provided only to the approved law bodies (Department of Births, Deaths and Marriages).

All information is treated in the strictest of confidence. Information will be stored for the legal nominated timeframe, then securely destroyed.

Happily Ever After Celebrant Services abides by State and Federal Privacy and Confidentiality legislation.


I. In the event where I have had to cancel your event, you will receive a Full Refund and I will endeavour to present you with alternative Celebrant options.

II. In the event where a cancellation is enacted by the customer who has engaged Happily Ever After Celebrant Services, depending on the circumstances, you may be entitled to either a Partial Refund, or No Refund. Please be reminded that the deposit is non refundable in any circumstances.

III. Happily Ever After Celebrant Services, reserves the right to cancel a ceremony and leave the ceremony premises, if the Bridal Party do not arrive at the ceremony venue within 30 minutes of the agreed ceremony time (Unless extenuating circumstances present themselves). The couple may rebook their ceremony for another date at an expense to the couple. 

IV. In the event where Happily Ever After Celebrant Services cancels a ceremony, because it becomes apparent that the couples are being deceptive, or attempting to engage in an illegal activity, eg requesting a NOIM be backdated or trying to marry when already married. no refund will be offered and the Celebrant is obligated to report the event to the States Department of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

Circumstances where No Refund may be applicable include:

  1. Cancellation of services because of change of mind
  2. The Couple has failed to complete the appropriate legal paperwork despite the Celebrants best efforts

Circumstances where a Partial Refund or Full Refund may be applicable include:

  1. Cancellation of services due to illness, or other unfortunate unforeseen circumstances
  2. Cancellation of services due to unhappiness with my professional conduct. This may or may not include breaching:                                                                                                       The Celebrants Code of Practice                                                                 The Anti Discrimination Act 1977
    The Privacy Act 1988


In the event that a ceremony cannot be performed, appropriate substitutions may be offered inclusive of:

  1. Performing a commitment ceremony and performing the legal aspects of the marriage ceremony at a later date. Please note a  commitment ceremony is not legally binding and does not involve the signing or lodging of any marriage documents. Further cost may be incurred to complete legalities at a later date
  2. Rescheduling the ceremony to another date, time, location dependant on circumstances

Situations in which a ceremony may not be performed includes:

  1. Failure to supply and/or complete legally required paperwork
  2. One or both of the members marrying appear to be not of sound body and mind, e.g. inebriated and unable to give informed consent. 
  3. One or both of the witnesses appear to be not of sound body/mind and/or do not meet the criteria to be a witness and a suitable substitute cannot be found
  4. The Bridal Party did not attend the wedding venue within 30 minutes of the agreed booking time.
  5. It is unsafe to conduct the ceremony and the celebrant feels as though, themselves, guests and/or other vendors are at risk. Reasons for an unsafe environment may include:
  6. The Ceremony Venue not being safely accessible eg on a cliff involving climbing over rocks, etc.
  7. Extreme weather such as strong winds, heavy rain, flooding, extreme heat and a back up plan was not organised/cannot be enacted
  8. Unsafe and/or threatening behaviour from wedding party or guests


I. It is the responsibility of the couple to ensure they have an extreme weather plan in place and have alerted Happily Ever After Celebrant Services to these plans prior to the day of the ceremony.

II. It is the responsibility of the couple to secure a way to alert both guests and vendors, inclusive of Happily Ever After Celebrant Services to the change of wedding day plans a minimum of 4 hours before the ceremony start time, to allow for preparation. If Happily Ever After Celebrant Services is alerted to the change within 4 hours of the ceremony, we do not take responsibility if we are unable to print new documentation resulting in certificates having to be striked out and corrected or hand written replacements created to accommodate the changes to ensure compliance with all legal obligations set forward.  

III. It is the responsibility of the couple to ensure adequate seating, refreshments and shelter are provided to ensure the health and safety of guests. Happily Ever After Celebrant Services will discuss these requirements with the couple throughout their planning journey, but reserve the right to refuse to conduct a ceremony should it become apparent that an unsafe environment is created. 


I. Happily Ever After Celebrant Services provides use of portable P.A system for use at the ceremony. All reasonable steps will be taken to ensure the P.A system is in working order, however Happily Ever After Celebrant Services takes no responsibility for failure of equipment despite all reasonable steps being taken to ensure in working order inclusive of testing at the venue prior to the event commencing

II. Happily Ever After Celebrant Services allows the playing of music through portable P.A system for the purposes of the ceremony should the couple wish. The music must be supplied to Happily Ever After Celebrant Services prior to the rehearsal or if not having a rehearsal a minimum two weeks before the ceremony. Music will be played by celebrant off their tablet through Bluetooth. A USB backup will also be brought on the day. Happily Ever After Celebrant Services takes no responsibility for failure of the equipment on the day of the ceremony despite all reasonable precautions being taken

III. Happily Ever After Celebrant Services does provide a signing table, white table cloth and two chairs for the purposes of signing legal documentation as part of the wedding. If the couple do not wish to utilise these it is their responsibility to provide an area in which the signing can take place. If there is a certain decorative pen the couple wishes to use for the signing this is also possible but the colour of the ink must be Black.


Any changes to the ceremony including time, date or location must be alerted to Happily Ever After Celebrant Services as soon as possible in writing. Happily Ever After Celebrant Services will accommodate where possible and provide new and revised booking paperwork to be signed off on. If it is not possible to accommodate these changes, Happily Ever After Celebrant Services will advise in writing. It is then the responsibility of the couple to make appropriate arrangements, in discussion with Happily Ever After Celebrant for a mutual time and date for the ceremony or alternatively the couple can engage the services of a new celebrant whom is able to accommodate and provide those details to Happily Ever After Celebrant Services so appropriate handover of any completed legal paperwork can take place.

Please Note: Under paragraph 39I(1)(b) of the Marriage Act 1961, if a Registered Marriage Celebrant is found in breach or if the Registrar of Marriage Celebrants is satisfied that a marriage celebrant has not fulfilled their obligations under section 39G of that Act. The Registrar may take disciplinary measures against the marriage celebrant.

If at any point during your time engaging the services of Happily Ever After Celebrant Services, you have any issues concerning the professionalism of the Registered Celebrant, please feel free to contact the Attorney Generals Office or visit their website.


By engaging services, you are agreeing for Happily Ever After Celebrant Services to use photos, comments and/or reviews for marketing purposes. This may include Social media, advertising third party websites such as wedding directories, business website and/or printed marketing material.

Please note no photos, comments and/or reviews will be published until after your wedding ceremony, or future date as requested by yourselves. It is your responsibility to make Happily Ever After Celebrant Services aware of this date.

If you wish to opt out of this please inform Happily Ever After Celebrant Services as soon as possible and your wishes will be fully respected and enacted.  

By signing your booking form and making payment of your booking fee you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.