Shaking Up Your Ceremony: Things your may want to consider to make your ceremony that little bit different.

The giving the way of the bride by her father

I know what you are thinking, this is not new, its been happening for centuries and you are right. But now there are no rules, do things a little different:

If  your father is walking you down the aisle have him stand next to you while your officiant does their introduction, then have a moment where the officiant asks who gives the bride away, allow your father to come forward, shake your spouses hand and then join your  hands with your spouses before taking his seat

If you cannot decide who you would like to give you away and you have a longer aisle to work with have people at different station who can walk you some of the distance, start with your best friend, to your sister, to your mother and finally your father or any combination your wish. This will give you a special moment with all of those loved ones instead of making a choice to have just one.

Want to walk down the aisle on your own? Have your parents sitting either side at the end of the aisle that can step forward and give you a huge and kiss before you continue on to the alter or alternatively they can continue those last few steps to the alter with you.

Standing at the Alter

I know once again, uhhhh Katie everyone stands at the alter, yes this is true, but did you know you can change the way you stand.

Your officiant can stand off to the side, so that you and your partner are the only two standing at the altar, you can stand next to each other handing in hand facing out to your guests, with the celebrant standing the same way on the other side.

Your officiant can stand in the middle of you both but instead of facing to the officiant you can face each other or even have your back to the celebrant and face your guests.

If you have steps, as part of the alter play with the different levels, you can stand at the top with the officiant on a lower step to the side with your bridal party on the other side. Or your officiant can stand at the top in the middle, the couple a step down and the bridal party on either side, cascading out a further step down.

The possibilities are endless.

Poems, letters, readings

This can be a great way to incorporate your favourite poem, letters, songs lyrics etc into the ceremony but also your closest family and friends. It can add deep meaning and create the most beautiful memories.

Have each member of the bridal party read a verse from your favourite poem.

Have parents give advice on marriage and love.

Do a group vow with your closest family to love and support you and your spouse in marriage

Print a poem, vow, song lyric into your ceremony book and ask everyone to recite it.

Your Bridal Party

Shake it up there are no rules, you best friend is a male? Have a man of honour, or a Best Lady

Can’t decide between yourselves which of your friends should be on which side, don’t have a side. Ask them to all walk down the aisle and stand on alternating sides in a pattern (eg girl, boy, girl boy)

Reserve seats in the front row and ask your bridal party to stand at the alter while the couple or one of the couple walk down the aisle and then they can sit in the front so only the couple remain standing.

Don’t want to have a bridal party you don’t have to. You can stand at the alter alone, or ask your parents to stand with you and have your grandparents enter as flower girls and page boys. There are no rules.

The Rings

Ask someone or two people to bring them forward, parents, younger siblings, best friends. It does not have to be members of the bridal party.

It may even be a great opportunity for your parents to stand, your mothers can hold the rings bestow a wish, give some advice and pass to fathers who will then do the same then present them to the couple. Words of wisdom while warming the rings, will create some lasting memories.

Change up tradition

There ‘traditional’ aspects of the ceremony can also be shaken up.

Don’t like rings, present a wedding necklace, a card engraved with vows that can go into your wallet. It is not a requirement to have a ring

Don’t think saying ‘I do’ is your thing that’s fine you can say yes, affirmative, roger that. Whatever is you. Your taking the ‘plunge’ after all, scream Geronimo!

Not a dress person, don’t wear one. Wear a jumpsuit, a pant suit, you can even wear shorts and a t-shirt. It is up to you. But remember your will look at these photos for years to come

Flower Bouquets

Do you know the reason that brides and bridesmaids used to hold bouquets was to mask the smell, as they did not bathe as often as we do now. Well times have defiantly changed.

Bridal Parties do still commonly hold bouquets, however these can be made out of so many different materials, real, paper, leather or cloth just to mention a few.

Or don’t hold a bouquet at all. opt for lanterns, clutch bags or corsages. There have even been bridal parties that have carried babies and puppies, there are definitely no rules when it comes to what the rules are regarding what the bridal parties carry down the aisle. 

Some guests cannot make it?

Technology has advanced and can contribute greatly to wedding days. Distance, money, health, work and time are huge factors that impact on a persons ability to be able to attend a wedding.

If someone cannot attend a wedding consider the following options:

Live stream the ceremony, this will allow people to watch it in real time. Let the officiant know as they will be able to work it into the ceremony and mention them still being with you on the day.

Record the ceremony and upload it to a private Facebook or YouTube channel for people to access.

If you cannot or do not wish to have video someone can call the individual who cannot attend and they can listen to the ceremony.

There are many options for consideration.

So there you go, don’t listen to everyone else that says things need to be done a certain way because it’s tradition. There are so many options and so many things you can do to help your ceremony stand out. Be different, be unique, be you. Happy Planning!

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